Investment Report December 2018 & My year end performance

December is a chill month for me since Christmas and New Year is around the corner. Much time were spent with families in Sabah and Sarawak and not much time spent on the market. How did I do for December 2018?

Receive dividends from SUNWAY REIT (RM104.04), SATS (SGD90), US STOCKS (USD1,199.52). This ends my year end book for my share investments this year.

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Investment Report – Nov 2018

Global market is still choppy. Hoping for progress on US-China trade war discussion.

November was a busy month for me due to work. Not much time were spent on the markets than I would like but I guess that is the beauty dividend investing. You do your analysis,  you pick suitable company, invest, chill and review your investment once in a while. I am not really worried about volatility at this point because am pretty confident that I have selected a strong company that will be able to ride the wave and volatility.

How did I do for November 2018?

  • did not manage to buy any Malaysian stocks eventhough my war chest was ready to be deployed.
  • did not manage to do analysis on the companies that I have been eyeing for sometime now
  • but I did received dividends from ASCENDAS REIT (SGD19.81), PARKWAYLIFE (SGD93.67), CAPITA MALL TRUST (SGD187.05), HONG LEONG (RM128) and AEON CREDIT (RM111.25).

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Investment Report – Oct 2018

Global equity markets continued with their downtrend. Dissappointing corporate profits, trade wars, fears of interest rate hikes, China economy slowing down, US mid-term elections (Nov 6), geo-political tension in Saudi, Italy’s debt restructuring. These trend is really scary. It scares me as well. Should I just put my cash in my war chest for now? Could it be a good time to accumulate good company’s shares?

Whatever it is, I will keep invested somewhere some how. I believe whatever goes up will go down and vice versa. Some shares were to expensive before and they look pretty enticing now 🙂

This year, October seems to be a dry dividend month for me as well. I’ve only received one dividend from ASCENDAS REIT for SGD224.75.

On the positive side, I managed to accumulate Malaysian shares into my portfolio this month. Will definitely be buying more. Just waiting for the is right price.

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Investment Report – Sept 2018

Workload have been ramping up. At the same time, the US-China trade war is still on-going, creating shaky and undecided market. Have been accumulating my dividends ever since.

September is definitely a quiet month for me. Only received one dividend payment amounting to USD666.25 this month.

On the positive note, happy to finally received the capital including the expected profit from the property investment I made in March. The investment gave me a handsome return of 10.9%. Not too shabby considering the yield I get from shares and ASB.

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Investment Report – Aug 2018

Been a busy month for me at work.
Having said that, happy to receive dividends as follows:

  1. Parkwaylife REIT: SGD92.51
  2. Singtel: SGD267.50
  3. ST Engineering: SGD120.00
  4. Capita Mall Trust: SGD120.83
  5. SATS: SGD 180.00

Cummulative Dividend Income 2018:

(a) Singapore: SGD 2,188.95
(b) US: USD 1,640.50
(c) Malaysia: RM 0.00

More to come.


Investment Report – July 2018

Market is still volatile with US-China trade war still going. I don’t see it settling in soon so just need to ride the wave for now. Having said that, previous month’s RED is recovering and that is a good sign for me. Except for my US holdings, which jumped 12% thanks to the oil prices hovering around US$70/bbl, some of my shares are still in the RED. Even my ETFs are down!

In view of the market condition, I am going to hold on the cash for now and let the war chest grow.

Dividend Income this month comes from:

  • Nikko AM STI ETF: SGD240.55

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Investment Report – June 2018

Another volatile month and unsettling market condition. Except for my US holdings, most of my shares are RED. The beating is worst than last month’s. With the uncertain market condition, I decided to hold unto cash for now, keeping it in the war chest, and wait!

Share sold this month:

  • OUL
  • ThaiBev

Dividend Income this month comes from:

  • ThaiBev: SGD25.87
  • Parkway Life REIT: SGD91.93
  • US Holdings: USD666.25

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Investment Report – May 2018

Definitely a volatile month but not a ‘dry’ month for me. So many event happening affecting share movement in the market. The shares that I bought got a good beating as well. More red than the normal green. On the positive side, there could be opportunities to pick-up attractive shares along the way. I decided to hold and keep my cash in the war chest this month.

Dividend Income this month comes from:

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Investment Report – April 2018

April already? Seems like the days and months are moving at lighting speed. Been very busy since the new year, and am not complaining. Busy is good. It means there is loads of things to work on. That does not mean am not investing though. I just need to find the time to run my research on which company should I invest next.

Every year, I will have my financial target. This gives me the baseline to plan. And I review them on quarterly basis to see how far I am from the target and then decide if changes is needed to achieve it. I tend to be very flex on the method of doing things but firm on my target. There is so many ways to skin a cat so it need not be so rigid or else it will be boring.

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Alternative Investment -Funding Societies

Recently, I stumbled an article in The Edge about peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform called Funding Societies. The idea surrounding P2P is basically to support SME owners in starting or growing their businesses by providing access to funding.

Not a new idea but definitely a brilliant business idea. Getting a loan from bank is not easy these days. Borrowing from families and friends? Even harder. This will definitely be another funding alternatives for those businesses and people.

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